Friday, May 22, 2009

Red Chopstick Restaurant @ I-Avenue

Bringing you to this authentic little Asian cuisine restaurant that encompasses a mixture of Chinese plus modern type of decoration. It is run by the local Chinese and has a thousand varieties of local delicacies to choose from! If you love Penang food and does not want to get sweat under the hot sun while enjoying your plate, this is the place you should come.

As famous as it is, this restaurant is usually pack during the lunch hour. You need to go a little earlier to avoid waiting for long to be served.

It is famous for it's "Tong Sui" (a.k.a. sweet soup) and also the local Chinese "Mee Sua Tau" (Noodle soup).

~The Menu~
Main Course - Rice in set or Noodles

Dessert - There's "Tong Sui" or Ice Dessert or "Tong Yuen"(sweet dumpling)

Main course we ordered :
Nyonya Curry chicken rice

Spagetthi and satay set.

And here comes the Famous "Mee Sua Tau". The portion is a bit small.. but it would be just nice after some dessert.

Dessert that we ordered:

Peanut thick soup with Tong Yuen. Yummy !! They also have a set of 3 different flavors that includes black sesame, peanut and red bean, all without Tong Yuen.

Or if you do not like creamy type, you may order this Sweet Potato dessert. (Fan Sue Tong Sui).

This is a restaurant that I will come back again and again...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Asian Style Spagetthi

Did you miss my home cook recipe ? hihihi.... not something to be proud of actually.

I never buy spagetthi from our cafe as I always think that I can cook the "same" as they do. :-D I don't see anything special in their servings. Neither do they have a nice deco. Hence, I will turn to other choices.

I do not cook spagetthi because I want to have it. It is always because I do not have enough time to cook rice and sometimes I do not have "enough" ingredients to make up a few dishes. That's when I take out my spagetthi.

My ingredients always changes. This time, I cook it in Asian style, like "fried noodle". :-D (Got the idea from my colleague).

Preparation time: 15 mins
Cooking time: 15 mins

Ingredients that I used:
For frying
Button Mushroom
Mix vegetable
Crab meat

For taste
a slice of cheddar Cheese per serving
tomato sauce
dash of Salt
dash of sugar
dash of pepper

For garnishing

1) In a pot, bring water to boil and put in the spagetthi.
2) In another pan, heat up the pan and add some cooking oil.
3) Throw in onion and fry till fragrant. Add in all the "frying ingredients" and saute till fragrant.
4) Add tomato sauce, salt, sugar, half cup of water / milk.
5) Bring water/milk to boil. Turn off flame. Add in pepper and cheese.
6) Sprinkle herbs on top for garnishing.
and....... it's Ready to serve! :-)

My Asian Style Spagetthi. Something different from the usual Spagetthi Bolognese. :-D

Dragon Fruit Flower

Have you ever seen a dragon fruit flower before? It was my first time seeing it. Thanks to my neighbor for her love for plants! :)

I only came to know that dragon fruit flower blooms in the night from 9pm + to 11pm and it only bloom once a day. After that time, it will close up....

Here are some of the close shots that I took. Big and beautiful!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sou Men (素麺) Soup

This is my first Sou Men (in Japanese) soup.

My neighbor taught me a very simple and fast dish which I never thought that it would be Such DeLlicious.
She cooked it with Yam cake made by herself and I replaced the yam cake to Sou Men. :-) (as I always do change recipes). hahaha

Serves : 4 ‾ 5

1 pack (250g) Sou Men (素麺) 250g
4 shallots (finely chopped)
1 big Shiitake mushroom (soak till tender)
2 stalks Kau choy (ku chai)
1 bowl Bean sprout

Soup base (Seasoning):
3tbsp light soy sauce
1 tbsp oyster sauce
pepper to taste
(adjust the soup taste depending on the brand and the intensity of the sauces)

Garnish (optional)

1. In a pot, bring water to boil and put in sou men. (add a little oil) Boil till tender. Drain and flush sou men in cold water.

2. Fry shallots till golden brown. Put aside, add shiitake mushroom and fry till fragrant.
3. Add 3 bowls of water, cover with lid and bring water to boil.
4. Add Kau choy and bean sprout and seasoning, simmer for just a little while.
5. Turn off flame. Divide the sou men into each serving and add in soup.

And it's ready to serve ! This is one dish that you must try. But if you do not like shallot taste, then reduce the amount.

We all simply love it !

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mee Sua Yong Tau Foo

Hi... I'm back with my own recipe again. :-) LOL

I always test on new food. I don't have a "fixed" recipe for all my cookings. Such a nice phrase... LOL. Actually, I'm just trying to twist and turn so not to expose that I don't know how to cook. :-D

Maybe it's because I am really not a picky eater, therefore, I cook anything that I can find from my fridge or just anything that comes into my mind. As long as it can still be eaten, healthy and taste not bad, right ? See... I have great supporters to test my cookings. :-D

Not bad, mom...

Here it is, my Mee Sua Yong Tau Foo. :-D

Not to praise myself, hubby said it's very very good, especially the mee sua. :-D He took 2 big bowls.

5 Mee Sua
Yong Tau Foo ( buy ready made fish balls, ladys finger, etc)
3tsp Sesame oil

Soup base :
2tbsp anchoves (mee sua and Yong Tau Foo itself somehow is salty. So, do not put too much of anchoves)
Water 4 cups
some black pepper to taste
2 slices of ginger

1) Wash and drain anchoves
2) Bring water to boil and simmer anchoves, ginger about 15 mins.
3) Drain anchoves away from the soup and add ready made Yong Tau Foo and pepper. Bring to boil and turn off flame.
4) In another pot, boil water and cook mee sua. Drain out mee sua.
5) Put all cooked mee sua in a big bowl and add some sesame oil. (Mee sua will not be sticky and lump into a big clog). Sesame oil adds fragrant too.
6) Divide mee sua into per serving, add soup and yong tau foo. If you have parsley, do garnish some on top for nice decoration.
And... it's ready to serve !

Easy & simple. :-)

*Note: If it is not taken instantly after cooking, drain out the Yong Tau Foo from the soup to deter the Yong Tau Foo from being overly soft and not crunchy.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Twisted Pasta Soup

I got this idea from Bukit Jambul's "The White Coffee" restaurant. One of their menu "Nissin Soup Noodle".

In Japan, "Nissin" brand is famous for it's cup noodle. Just like Malaysia's "Maggi" brand. Again, as a "health freak", I turned it's "Nissin Soup Noodle" to become my own "Twisted Pasta Soup". :-D

There it goes....

Ingredient wise, I only changed the instant noodle to Italian twisted pasta and the soup base from instant soup to anchovies soup. Egg and sausage was the original dish served. It is sold RM 5.90 per bowl, if I'm not mistaken. Mine is more healthier, isn't it ? :-D

My ingredient:
Soup base :
little salt
1/4 tsp light soy sauce
1/2 tsp sesame oil

Garnishing :
1 egg
1 sausage
1 crab stick
2 tbsp bean sprout
1 stalk of siu pak choy

Easy, fast and healthy. :-D
Don't always have to prepare rice for dinner and it's yummy !

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ang Chiew Mee Suah (Hong Chau Min Sin-cantonese)

This is Hock Chiew's signature Mee Sua or Min Sin.

This is Sitiawan's famous dish. It's like Kei Si Hor Fun (sliced chicken noodle) in Ipoh.

My first try on this dish was back in 1999, almost 10 years ago. I can say that I like it very much.

What so special about this dish ? The soup base is not merely braised by chicken stock nor pork stock. It entails chinese red rice wine which soaked in for 3 months before it's ready to be used.

As below pic, glutinuous rice with red rice and wine cake.
Mix them together and soak for 3 months.

It is then kept in bottle and ready to be used to cook ginger chicken soup or saute chicken with it's rice wine. MIL used to cook soup whenever it's the birthday of any of the family members.

The mee sua is first cooked with plain water. After it is cooked, drain it. Then, scoop up some oil from the red wine soup and mix to the mee sua. In this sense, the mee sua will not stick in one big lump, and it is much tastier.

*Note: There are 2 types of mee sua from Sitiawan. One is fatter and the other thinner. I like the thinner type. It goes well with this soup.

In fact, this dish is also perfect to be eaten during confinement since it is made of rice wine and also cooked with chicken and ginger. I had it almost every other day during my confinement. nmm... it's yummy !

This Signature Dish has also been blogged by Motormouth from Ipoh earlier on. You can check out from his blog on where to find this dish in Sitiawan. As for Penang (mainland), there is one coffee shop selling this at night. It is at Tmn. Mutiara night food court, BM. Main road to Jit Sin (SRJK) Secondary high school, coffee shop facing the main road. (the morning wet market is at the back).